Notary Supplies Detail

Please ignore the date.

Both the 6-hr and the 3-hr video courses are California State Approved.

Watch the videos from your computer in any order you like. We do not track time or require that you complete a video before changing to another video topic.

The cost of this course includes the registration fee to take the exam at any of our seminar and same-day exam locations. You can find a location from the seminar class schedule page and may select any location and date that are not already full but you must call us to register for the notary exam M-F 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Do not register for the exam on-line.

You will need to bring a Proof of Completion for this course to the exam which we send to you when you register for the exam at our location. Pre-register early because our class and exam dates fill up quickly.

On the day of the exam, if you choose, you may arrive in the morning and sit through the entire seminar at no charge or come in the afternoon at 12:30 PM to join the class at no extra charge. Arriving any time after class begins, whether it is in the morning or afternoon will disqualify you from joining the seminar session but you will still take the exam at 4:15 PM. We will not be able to provide a Proof of Completion at the class site for your home-study so you must bring the hard copy of the Proof of Completion and the proof of purchase of this course with you to the exam location.

If you do not find an exam date and location that is convenient, you may request information to register directly with the CPS testing proctors when you call us to request your Proof of Completion for this course.

The Secretary of State will require a check or money order for $40 for processing the application and exam.

Price: $89.95