Notary Supplies Detail

This selection is for a 6-hour private notary class. Your private notary class includes up to two (2) full hours of live instruction with a personal notary instructor via SKYPE right over your computer. We use the Skype video technology for sharing course materials on the computer screen so displaying personal imaging like faces will not be required.

You decide which areas of the notary curriculum you want the instructor to focus on. If you don't know, we will guide you.

The 6-hour notary home study course is approved by the California Secretary of State and satisfies the 6-hr course requirements to become a notary public in the state of California. This class includes the complete state approved text for the course and registration for the 6-hour private notary class grants eligibility for the "pass the exam guarantee".

Upon registration you will receive a link to the course or you may choose to have the course mailed to you. Once you have completed your course study and private class(es), the office staff will mail you an original Certificate of Completion for your course. This certificate must be attached to your notary application to the State of California.

Your confirmation email for your registration will include instructions for scheduling your private instructor for a class time or times that are convenient for you.

Price: $159.95