Notary Supplies Detail

Learn how to become a Wildly Successful Loan Signing Agent! This book discusses loan-signing protocol, successful marketing stratagies, how to set your fees, how to avoid common mistakes, how to keep your client even if you make an error, and of course, includes an entire set of loan signing documents. This book is the same as we use in our Loan Signing Certification classes so if you are signing up for a Loan Signing Certification class, you do not need to purchase this book. While we always encourage notaries to take an AP Certified Loan Signing class, we understand that some people may be better served with our Loan Signing Home Study Course. This Home Study Course does not offer a free AP Certification Exam. However, you can still take the AP Certification Exam on-line at an extra $40 fee. Passing the exam affords you all of the privleges of AP Certification, just as if you took the in-person class. Study at your own pace, take the test when you're ready!

Price: $86.00