Notary Home Study Course


Legal Residency

As a notary applicant, you will be expected to list a permanent California address on your application at the testing site. There is no minimum time for which you must have been a California resident, but without that California address on your application, your application will be denied. As an additional note, your application will ask for a primary place of business address. If you plan to function as a notary from an office site or business address other than your home, be sure to list that address as your business address. If your primary place of business is in a county other than your residency, your commission will be within that county, not your home address county.

Age Limitation of 18

A notary may not be commissioned until he or she is 18 years of age. As you will discover in subsequent sections, it will take several weeks from the time you take your exam until you are commissioned due to fingerprinting requirements and background checks. If you are currently 17 years old, you should consider waiting until you are 18 before you take the exam since your application will be completed on the day of your exam.