Notary Home Study Course


Once you take the exam, you will need to wait 7 to 10 business days before your results are mailed to you; however, your results may be accessed on line at if you included your email address on your Notary application on the day you took your exam. You must still wait for 7-10 business days before the results will be posted and you will not be able to call the CPS for your test scores due to privacy acts. When you access the website for your results, you will need to obtain a password.

The directions on the website will provide you with a telephone number to call should you need to obtain a password by phone.  Keep in mind that you will only be able to obtain a password by phone during regular business hours. Once you obtain your password, enter your social security number and password in the fields requiring this information and your testing score will be shown. You will not know which questions, if any you missed, only your raw score. If your test scores are not available yet, you will receive a message indicating that you are not in the system. Don’t worry! If you took the exam and you correctly indicated your social security number on your application, you will get into the system. Keep checking day to day…you will be there soon.

Scoring less than 70% on the exam will require you to retake the exam. To re-take the exam, simply contact the CPS at or call them at (916) 263-3520 to request a new test date at a time and location suitable for you.

If you have taken a live seminar with and did not pass the exam, simply contact the office at 909-915-1201 and select any other day to re-take the seminar at no charge. You may retake the exam no sooner than the next calendar month and will need to bring the copy of the fail letter to the exam site along with a $20 re-examination fee.