Notary Home Study Course


After the Examination

If you have not yet completed your "live-scan", you will need to do so before your application will be processed any further. Test results are valid for 1 year and your Certification of Completion is valid for 2 years but the sooner you complete your live scan, the sooner you will receive your commission.

A "live-scan" process is a simple fingerprinting technique which requires the applicant to submit fingerprints into an approved computer system. This data is fowarded to the Department of Justice and a criminal background check will begin. Unfortunately, unless you are a re-comissioning notary with fewer than 6 months since the expiration date of your current California commission, you will need to go through the live scan process even if you have recently completed a live scan for any other reason purpose.

Live-scan fees vary but average around $60 including the Department of Justice fees.  

A Notary Commission lasts four years after which a notary may apply for re-commissioning. A notary whose commission is expiring can retake the examination no sooner than six months prior to the termination date of their commission. Commissioned notaries with less than a six-month break between commissions will not have to submit fingerprints, but notaries with more than a six-month break will be required to submit fingerprints through live scan just as a new notary.