Notary Home Study Course


Items you will need as a notary

The most important “tools of the notary trade” aside from the actual notary seal are:

1) A notary journal
2) Acknowledgment Pads
3) Jurat stamp
4) Fingerprinting device

The Notary Journal

Every notarial act requires the notary to record certain information in an official Journal of Notary Acts. You will need to have a journal before you complete your first notarization. Once you have passed your exam, vendors of notary supplies will solicit you by mail. As with anything else you buy, contact several for pricing as they really do vary among vendors. Perhaps even more important is the style of journal you purchase. All journals will have entries for required information, but you may find some styles more useful than others.

Acknowledgment Pads

Certain types of notary acts require you to attach an official Acknowledgment page to the document. We will discuss this in detail later, but this is another item you will want to purchase prior to your first notary assignment. You can usually use the same vendor as used for the Notary Journal as that vendor will likely have all of the necessary items required.

Jurat Stamp

The Jurat stamp will be a notary tool you will use many times. Find one with a good price but be confident of the quality before you purchase. They are really not very expensive, but a faulty Jurat stamp can be an absolute headache.

Fingerprinting Device

Some notary acts require a fingerprinting device more commonly referred to as a thumbprint pad. Look for one which is referred to as “inkless” or “disappearing” which means that while the thumbprint is permanent on the paper, the ink should rub off of the thumb leaving little or no residue or staining. Your client will thank you and you will not have to take a supply of tissues with you to each appointment.

The Notary Seal

Finally, you will need your notary seal. While you may purchase the other items listed prior to receiving your commission, you may not purchase your Notary Seal until you have received your letter of commission from the Secretary of State. The letter of commission will include a Certificate of Authorization to have notary seals manufactured. This must be done through a company licensed to do so by the Secretary of State. No stamp manufacturer may solicit or manufacture a Notary Seal without first being approved to do so by the Secretary of State. A listing of authorized seal manufacturers will be included in your letter of commission.

            You will submit the original Certificate of Authorization to your selected authorized seal manufacturer who will make and send you your notary seals. Most notaries obtain two seals, but this is not a requirement. The cost to have a Notary Seal manufactured should be around $15-$25.                        

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