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How to Pass the California Notary Exam



In general, we can list notaries under two different categories with respect to his or her business status:       

  • the independent notary public who operates as a business and
  • the notary public who is an employee notarizing documents for the purposes of their employer

The Independent Notary Public

Notaries who have received their commissions through personal voluntary efforts and are providing services to the general public outside of an employer are considered independent notaries. Most independent notaries work for themselves by advertising their services to the public or to other companies such as title companies or loan signing agencies. If you plan to offer your services as a loan signer or mobile notary to other companies or agencies, you will find the listing of companies in the back of this book to be quite valuable. Contact each one of these companies and register your geographical area of service with them.


very important distinction regarding independent notaries from a notary who is an employee is that as a public servant, you are required to perform notary functions for anyone who requests the service, is willing and able to pay for the service (when applicable) and for whom there is proper identification. This does not mean that you have to travel or accept notary assignments during odd hours while you would not normally provide services, but if you operate out of an office and someone comes in requiring notarial services, you must notarize their document assuming there is no legal reason for not doing so. This law is intended to require you as the notary to remain unbiased and function as a public servant for anyone requiring your services.