Notary Home Study Course

Becoming a successful loan signer

If you want to notarize documents as a loan signer, you may want to become certified by taking a loan-signing seminar as most companies or agencies have a preference in using certified loan signers. Most signing companies have their own certification testing which you will need to pass before they will send you on an assignment, so take advantage of as many as you can.  While it is not a legal requirement to become certified, doing so will improve your marketability not to mention your personal continuing education as a professional notary. 

You may be interested in becoming a Certified Loan Signer with the Association of Professional Notaries and Certified Signing Agents which is an association formed by to provide the needed educational requirements and experience for inexperienced notaries.

Taking our Certified Loan Signing Course will prepare you with the information you need to confidently begin notarizing loan documents. Our course will introduce you to marketing techniques, loan signing protocol and a review of many of the common loan signing documents you will encounter.

We have provided for our Notary seminar students to take advantage of this course by discounting the loan signing seminar $100 when the student signs up for both the notary class and the loan signing class together. This loan signing course is a full day class. We never offer this course immediately following the full day notary class. You are trusting us to help you with the information you need to become a successful loan signer and we believe it is impossible to cover the information you need in a few short & hurried hours. Your success depends upon knowedge and we know it. Let us help you become a successful loan signer and avoid the most common mistakes of new loan signers. You may sign up for the Notary Class and the Loan Signing Class now or after you finish reviewing this on-line study.

You may also be interested in the home-study course called How to be a Wildly Successful Loan Signing Agent written by Bergstrom, Elliott and Jones, 2004.  (See to order).

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