Notary Home Study Course

Filling out the optional section is quite simple. If the signer is claiming to be the president of a corporation, you should indicate that title as well as the name of the corporation in the indicated areas. If the signer is one or more individuals, indicate self or individual(s) in this section. Also be sure to fill out the areas requesting the Title of the Document and the Date of the Document.

See an example of a California All Purpose Acknowledgment form.

Completing Acknowledgments for faxed documents
Remember that the document must be present before the notary and the notary must complete the notary act at the time of notarization. It is permissible for a notary to notarize a document which has been photocopied, faxed or delivered in any other similar manner, as long as the signer is present before the notary at the time the notary seal is affixed and the notarial verbiage is completed, and the signature on the document is an original. It is illegal to notarize any document, whether faxed, mailed or otherwise delivered if the document signer is not present before the notary at the time of notarization. It is also illegal for a notary to not complete the notary act at the time of notarization. This includes the filling out of the notarial verbiage, sealing with the notary seal, signing the document as the notary and attaching the notary verbiage to the document, if necessary.

During your career as a notary, you may be asked to “backdate” a notarization or complete a notarization such as an acknowledgment for someone who is not personally appearing before you at the time you complete the notarization. This request is illegal and can subject the person making the request to criminal prosecution as it is a misdemeanor to request that a notary perform illegal services. It is, of course, also illegal for you to comply with such a request.