Notary Home Study Course

How will you know if a document requires an Acknowledgment or Jurat?

Remember that this decision is not yours, it is the client’s. However, the intent is that if the document to be notarized contains wording in which the signer is swearing to the truthfulness of the contents within the document, you will use a jurat unless otherwise instructed. In almost every instance, every other form requiring notarization will require an acknowledgment. Most documents presented before a notary will already include the proper verbiage; however, as previously discussed, not all document have the right verbiage. The notary is not supposed to advise the client as to which act to perform and to do so is considered to be practice of law. Of course, few people who are not notaries will know which act to perform, but remember that if you direct the client to a specific notary act and it turns out to be the wrong one, you may be held liable for losses arising from the improper act. You are supposed to require your client to refer to the advice of the originator of the document.