Notary Home Study Course

Part 3
Required Notary Procedures

It might be easily argued that the most important duty of a notary is that all notarial acts performed are required to be recorded formally so that anyone questioning a signed document, whether it is soon after the signing or years later, can request a copy of the notary’s recorded information. Since the notary must retain specific information about every document signed in a Journal of Notarial Records, the notary journal becomes important evidence for the public. This notary procedure alone does much to assist in minimizing such fraudulent claims.

The Sequential Journal
A notary is required to obtain and use an official Journal of Notarial Records which will retain certain information concerning any notary act performed during the notary’s commission.  A notary public is only permitted to keep one active sequential journal at a time which records of all official acts performed as a notary public. The journal must be kept in a locked and secured area, under the direct and exclusive control of the notary because failure to secure the journal may be cause for the Secretary of State to take administrative action against your commission. This means that your commission may be suspended or revoked at their discretion.