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Become a Notary Public in our 1-day notary class and exam. The California Notary Examination is taken immediately following our 6-hour and 3-hour notary classes. No need to register for the Notary Exam as we will be completing the notary exam and application process during our class.

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We've carefully prepared Practice Notary Exams that are FREE and available to anyone! These Sample Exams are meant to be a pre-study tool, giving you the experience you need to pass the real California Test.
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Notary Sample Exam Have some extra time and want to start studying before the seminar?

Register for a notary class and you can begin studying today with our full and comprehensive 65 page Pre-Semnar Notary Study Guide. This free guide will help you understand all of the notary laws and terminology even before you come to the class.
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Great Notary Products at excellent price discounts. Notary Journals, Notary Stamps, Acknowledgments, Jurats, Notary Identification Cards and much more.

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Student Comments
I wanted to send you this short e-mail thanking you for the notary classes. I attended the class in Anaheim on February 25th. You are an excellent teacher and I believe that helped me pass the notary exam. My score was a 96% and all thanks to you. I appreciate all your work and you trying to help everyone pass the exam. The class was very useful. Once again, thank you so much for your time and patience. Kind regards,
Maria Delgado

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class. You were full of energy and held my interests for the entire day!  Your class clarified all my questions and concerns and I now feel confident in my ability to notarize any document. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth ! 
Teri Mimms

Thank you for a great session on Saturday!  I got so much from your class, leaving with new confidence about being a notary and my duties, all because of you - many thanks! Kind regards,
Catherine Frieze
Hi... Just want to thank you for the great class! I would highly recommend this opportunity to all notary beginners - It is a MUST. Connie, is an excellent, fun, sharp teacher too, and I enjoyed every minute of the day. Just wish I could have taken it sooner and I can't wait to get started. Thanks again .
Susan Watson

No Question... just a comment.  I received my notary training and loan class training through your company and am very pleased with the training I received and with all the great products/referrals/insight you have provided me with since my commission last year.  Keep up the good work!
Phyllis Rollins-Shaefer

I wanted to say thanks again for the great info you taught us in class - it was definitely worth the trip from San Francisco, and if I had friends planning on becoming notaries I will be sure to refer them to your class. Now I just can't wait to get started on signings - I feel much more confident about doing it so I don't feel like anything is holding me back anymore!

How much do classes cost and what do I receive?
(****Payable to NWLS****)

6-hour Notary Seminar Registration Fee  $69.95


3-hour Notary Seminar Registration Fee  $59.95

 ****(Payable to Secretary of State)****

Application fee and state exam fee   $40
(paid to the Secretary of State on the day of the class)

Additional optional costs:

The following will list the additional costs. The only required costs at the time of the notary seminar are the above seminar fee and the exam fee. There are additional required costs such as:

(Payable to NWLS)
2”x2” Passport style photo head-shot only for application    $10
(available at the seminar site or bring your own)

$54.95 Essential Notary Supplies or $94.95  Premium Notary Supplies & Services (Payable to NWLS) We recommend the Premium Package since it includes everything from the essential package and adds a second notary seal, 1-year of notary help by phone, Jurat Pad and an Acknowledgment pad all for only $40 additional.

****(Payable to Homeland Fingerprinting for Southern California Classes and Postal Annex for Northern California Classes)****

FBI & DOJ Background Criminal Investigation   $80
(Option for fingerprinting is available at the seminar site)

Notary Bond cost for all four years!    $38
You should not pay more for a bond and never pay a fee per year! Once you receive your notary commission in about 10 - 15 weeks, contact us and we can help you to purchase your bond at that time. We recommend that you do not purchase a bond until after you receive your letter of Notary Commssion! (Do not include this in your check at the time of the class!)
How do I become a Notary Public??
In order to become a notary public, you will need to pass a State Exam. California state laws now require anyone taking a Notary Exam to complete a 6-hour seminar prior to taking the exam. NOTARYCLASSES.COM is on the cutting edge of what it takes to help you pass the first time around. Our seminars are packed full of information and we even complete a sample test in order to help you get ready for the test later on that same day. Be sure to take advantage of our other free sample tests and pre-seminar study guide.
How do I become a Certified Loan Signer?
Loan signers are notaries who specialize in notarizing loan documents. Most mobile notaries become loan signers because of the lucrative potential within that part of the notary business. Loan signers are called upon to travel to homes or offices and obtain the signatures for lending documents.

Becoming Certified is essential if a notary wishes to be successful in marketing his or her services as a loan signer. Our Loan Signing Class includes the Certification exam and Certificate. The Loan Signing Exam is given on-line at your convenience in your own home or office. Our class fee includes two separate attempts at passing the Certification exam.
How does our "Pass The Exam" guarantee work?
You will pass the exam the first time and we guarantee it! If you do not pass, you may return to any seminar of your choice absolutely free. That's hassles, no other requirements. Please do note that this pass guarantee only applies to 6-hour classes. Registration for the 3-hour class waives this guarantee!
While other notary seminar companies claim to offer students a similar guarantee, most will charge the student a "site" fee for re-taking the exam at the end of the class. We believe in proving that our instructors are the best and our program is superb. You trusted us to help you pass the exam and we will not let you down. You will pass, guaranteed! We really mean it! (This guarantee valid for all 6-hour registrations with a limitation of 2 returns per student.) Please also note that re-registration requires proof of non-pass and must be requested no more than four calendar days prior to the scheduled date.
How do I start my own notary business?
The best way to begin your notary business is to contact as many potential clients as possible! We offer many suggestions on how to do this in our Loan Signing Course, but in a nutshell, let people and companies who need Notary Services that you are available. There are a lot of companies that use notary services. Begin networking with every notary you can find. Once business comes your way, be sure to help others who are new to the industry.
What should I bring with me on the day of the class?
You will need to bring an approved valid ID such as a Drivers license (any state) and a check or money order for $40 made payable to the Secretary of State in order to take your exam. The State Exam is given around 4:00pm on the same day of the seminar. You should also bring a #2 pencil for the exam in the event the State Examination Proctors do not have enough with them. We will have pens, paper and all the study materials you will need. If you have an alien registration number, be sure to bring that number with you as you will need it for your notary application.
Will the Notary Class also prepare me to be a Certified Loan Signer?
This seminar prepares you for the State Notary Exam and there are no questions on the state exam directly concerned specifically with loan signing. If you are interested in becoming a Loan Signer, you may want to attend our How to Become a Wildly Successful Signing Agent Notary Certification Course (9am-5pm). This course was prepared for both those who have no previous knowledge in loan signings or the seasoned notary professional. You will be introduced to many of the common documents notarized during a loan signing, learn protocol and be introduced to strategies for marketing yourself effectively. You will learn how to collect from slow paying companies and avoid non-paying companies. You will even find out how to negotiate fees of $50 - $150 per loan signing. During the loan signing class, we will introduce a typical set of loan documents (65 pages), discuss all relevant documents and places for signatures and notary requirements. Finally, you will have a chance to complete the loan document signing before you leave. Certification exams will be given on line.
Do I need to register with the Secretary of State or fill out an application before attending the seminar?
No .All seminar attendees will complete their application to become a notary during the seminar. You will be automatically registered to take the state exam on that same day. There is no need to contact the Secretary of State or CPS prior to your seminar. All of this is completed automatically with your registration.
What if your class is held at a location or on a date that is inconvenient for me?
We have developed the Home Study Course for just this situation. It is the next best thing to taking the seminar. You will be using the very same Study Guide and Sample Test used during the seminar. You are guided at each step and the Sample Test includes answers that detail not only why a particular answer is right, but also why the other answers are wrong. An electronic copy (PDF) is available on our home page or a hard copy can be mailed to you for an extra shipping and handling fee.
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